We are always asked what do we recommend to keep the home clean so here is our list for you.

These products below will save you time and save you MONEY.


So many customers have so much trouble with their vacuums. We highly recommend this vacuum to get the job done and to last for YEARS. Here is the link to purchase. http://www.vcdiscounter.com/sanitaire-sc889a-upright-vacuum-cleaner/

Natural Stone Cleaner

This is a great product to clean those granite counter tops. After we clean seal and polish them use this as your daily cleaner. Follow the instructions on the label. Don't use any cleaners on sealed granite other than this unless you know it has a neutral PH. Her is the link to purchase from Amazon.  http://a.co/dKFxreo 

Hard floor cleaning. Ceramic, porcelain and natural stone.

This is a neutral PH cleanser which will not damage the minerals in natural stone. It will also not harm any sealers that have been applied to stone floors or sealed grout. Simply mix at 1-2 ounces per gallon. Great cleaner and very economical. Makes 64-128. GALLONS of RTU cleaner. Here is the link http://www.championjanitorialsupply.com/products/floorcare/1249

Hard floor mop.

The best mop for cleaning of your floors would be a flat mop like this one. First vacuum the floor. Now spray your Neutral Cleaner on the floor and allow it to dwell a few minutes to soften dirt and grime. Then simply wipe the floor with the flat mop. Making sure to change pad when soil begins to build up. No more disgusting mop buckets or steam mops that do not work. Simply spray and wipe. 


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